Paintings of the British Land Rover

This summer I have been creating paintings of the British Land Rover. These are great for birthday gifts. My artwork shows examples of their four wheel drive, all-terrain capabilities.

After time spent researching these almost unstoppable vehicles I began to understand why they are loved so much.

Enthusiasts will spend years, restoring them. Large sums of money are often paid for early models.

The ultimate off-roader

The earliest Land Rover was built in 1948. Since then it has earned a worldwide reputation as the ultimate off-roader. It can be relied upon to keep moving regardless of weather conditions.

It is driven by a wide range of people. They include farmers, soldiers, explorers, search and rescue volunteers, protectors of wildlife and environment, the police force, even Royalty, as well as charity and aid workers.

The Land Rover company uses the well chosen slogan ‘above and beyond.’

Watch this YouTube video about the Land Rover story

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