Motorbike paintings by Belfast artist Martin Kenny

Here is a selection of motorbike paintings by Belfast artist Martin Kenny.

Road and track racing is very popular with the people of Ireland both north and south. Competitions such as the North West 200 or the Isle of Mann TT, attract riders to risk their lives on standard roads.

To the average person they may seem reckless, fearless or just a little bit crazy. To the dedicated fan they are people to be admired and cheered on.

The ‘need for speed’ can be addictive. Spectators line narrow country roads as their hero blurs past in a split second. World famous motorbike riders have lost their lives to this sport in spite of increased safety measures.

The colourful artwork shown tries to present power, speed and the adrenaline rush experienced by those two wheeled sportsmen.

Any Motorbike rider will know how it feels to lean into tight bends. They will probably appreciate this art more than any driver can.

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Finally there are many other famous brands such as Harley Davidson, Vespa etc which I plan to add to my portfolio in the future.

Contact me by email if you or someone you know would like a painting. These are popular as birthday gifts and my prices are said to be affordable.