Belfast pet portrait artist

Although I do not specialize as a Belfast pet artist I am often asked to paint animals for gifts. So here is a small selection of recent paintings to show what can I can offer.

I usually work from good digital photos sent by email. In some cases I may change backgrounds or combine images.

Bella dog painting

Owners may want to remember a pet that has died or give someone a painting as a birthday present or Christmas gift.

The response from owners can be happy surprise or even grateful tears. Their animals are really family members and at times treated as almost human.

Sheep dog painting
Sandy dog painting
Nulas Westie Dog
Black cat painting

To do a painting of a pet rat has been the most unusual request for me so far. This white rat belonged to my niece. It had died and she wanted something to remember it by. I recreated the cottage background and teapot to make it look more interesting.